These procedures cover

  • Training of research to quality standards
  • Recruitment and training of researchers and supervisors
  • Production of brand surveys and various tests
  • Receipt of files
  • Production tracking dashboards
  • Checking by supervisors
  • Computer based checking of production quality
  • Management of relations with interviewees and claims
  • Review of client contracts
  • Management of all anomalies and creation of corrective actions
  • Setting up of internal audits

Before the fieldwork

With each new interviewer, we have at least 1 full day training about the following issues:

  • Quality of setting appointments
  • Following the script
  • Quality of follow-up calls
  • Quality of collecting responses to open-ended questions
  • Neutrality
  • Quality of data input
  • Courtesy during rejection
  • Conclusion, saying goodbye
  • Reading and flow
  • Listening and availability
  • Friendliness, courtesy
  • Pronunciation, diction
  • Tone

For each project, we have at least 2 hours briefing on the survey depending on the length of the questionnaire. After the briefing, the interviewers have the role play session to ask the questions and to be familiar with the questionnaire.

During the fieldwork

After each fieldwork day, the interviewer communicates the feedback report to the fieldwork manager about the number of appointments made, and the number of interviews completed per day. Any questions or difficulties raised during the field have to solved by the fieldwork manager.

An intermediary data withdrawn from the fieldwork is required from each interviewer after the first 5-10 interviews conducted in order to control the quality of the interviews through the data.

The debriefing, rebriefing will take place to emphasize on the key questions.

Cancellations of 100% interviews from an interviewer will be applied in case any error of interview is discovered from this interviewer.

After the fieldwork

One 100% of the completed questionnaires are checked.

Local random call-backs among 20% of the interviews done by each interviewer; a few “key” questions will beasked during the call-backs to the respondents, and the interviewer’s performance will be evaluated as well.

Data cleaning and validation

  • Logical check on the quotas, the key questions
  • Logical check according to the real situation in the market

This control policy is very strict and also clearly known by each interviewer.