Our Solutions

IT / Digital Solutions

  • Social Listening
  • Community Panel/Owned Media Marketing & Research
  • Biometric: Brain-wave, Heartbeat, Blood-pressure, Sweat, Facial Recognition
  • Mobile/Smartphone – Passive data collection and analysis
  • Mobile survey/Ethnography – Photodiary, Real time brand contact record, etc..
  • Online, FGD/DI

Traditional Solutions

  • Market landscape – Market segmentation – Brand positioning
  • Market/Industry forecast modeling
  • Shopper study – Shop along IDI, IHV IDI
  • Clinics/Test drive clinics
  • Customer/Consumer Journey studies – IDI or small FGD to define milestone and moments of truth and pain points at customer/consumer’s journey to know/search/find/have interest in/trial/repeat/recommend products/services/brands as well as touch points that influences the customer/consumer journey
  • Etc…

Customer Experience / Loyalty study solutions

  • Mystery Shopper
  • Customer experience evaluation system for multiple touch points (Call center, Store front, Online Web site, Email, Sms, ect.)
  • Customer Experience Optimization Study – ID with customer and affiliates, and workshop with employees
  • Sales front quality management consultation based on research activities
  • Etc…