Main Topics

AdHoc & Strategic

  • Analysing your clients’ usage and attitudes
  • Segmenting your clients
  • Researching and clarifying a market
  • Producing an assessment or positioning strategy research
  • Testing your product and/or packaging
  • Defining the right marketing mix
  • Testing your communication, concepts, image and brand
  • Optimizing your media plan, your website
  • Measuring satisfaction, loyalty and customer retention

Large Scale Surveys

By using their experience of a range of requirements which are specific to each research project as well as their infrastructure, EFG Consulting is able to produce single and recurring wide ranging or extremely focused projects, whether they involve large scale, complex or recurring research.


  • Traffic studies.
  • Household surveys.
  • Customer research.
  • Behavioral studies, declared preferences.
  • Re-examine regional transportation plans.
  • Price studies.
  • Research into the potential and optimization of public or individual transportation services.
  • Satisfaction scale.
  • Tests on products and services.
  • Concept tests.


  • Launch or reposition a therapeutical specialization.
  • Understand prescription or self-prescription mechanisms.
  • Improve communication with target groups of patients, doctors or chemists.
  • Monitor patients.
  • Qualify your prescribers.
  • Assess the psychological impact of treatment.
  • Assess the weight of your specialization’s reputation in a medical world.

Strategic Segmentation

  • Identify different market expectations as specific market segments so you can respond in appropriate ways.
  • Develop your marketing strategy in relation to the real potential of your market.
  • Identify primary and secondary target groups, in terms of each one’s potential.
  • Organize your actions and optimize your ressource allocation for better market penetration.
  • Measure the results of your initiatives, not only on a general level, but also as a specific penetration rate for each of your target markets.

Brand / Products

  • Define a brand’s communication strategy.
  • Define the balance between an umbrella brand and a surrogate brand.
  • Launch a new brand.
  • Reposition an existing brand.
  • Define/audit the media plan.
  • Determine target clients for priority communication as well as the message to convey.

Client Relation

  • Understand your loyal clients and identify the reasons for their loyalty.
  • Increase your loyal client portfolio.
  • Reduce churn, client loss.
  • Produce an audit of your loyalty program.
  • Launch an effective loyalty program.